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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 11:24 PM

Wow. I've been on D.A. for seven years. When I started DJDO, YoyoBionicle warned me that the best fan fic comics have a tendency to die prematurely. I was dead determined not to let that happen so I planned out DJDO to the end once it actually had a plot. Well, after seven years of doing that comic I've run out of steam for it. BUT, I hate not finishing things. So I've decided that I'll work up one more bout of super-draw-juice and finish it in stick figures so you guys still get the jokes and the story but without the endless hours of effort  drawing, inking, shading, and coloring that blasted thing. I've been a POTC fan since 2003 and I'll love it forever and I have a massive archive of pirate jokes I've yet to crack eventually but I'm ready to move on! When a project nags at you for that long it starts to wear a blister on one's motivation that eventually turns into a festering boil that becomes unbearable to even think about just because it nags at you. So that's the state of that comic. It ain't dead but it is going to be finished in stick figures before I just give up entirely.

In other news, My brother and I have skills that complement each other in a very uncanny way. He designs. I draw. He has a vinyl cutter. I have all the Adobe products. He animates. I draw and edit. He does music. I compose sometimes and he fixes my drum loops.  So we're starting Visualante Studio. We've been working on the website for a bit now. That banner was a pain in the butt, but I am pleased with it. The website still has a few more bits to finish but its close. So that's cool.

Then of course, been on a sci-fi kick with Transformers Prime and Doctor Who. Super excited for season 8. I want someone to get me a sonic screwdriver for Christmas just for the shear nerdiness of it. HAHA.

Illustrated 3 of my dad's recent books: Dutch Oven Cooking for Kitchen or Camp, The Human-Copter , and Moving Faster Than The Speed of Doubt. The last one was co-illustrated by my brother and I.

Sooooo. Yeah. That and binding more skyrim books.  SO stay tuned for hasty DJDO comics.



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United States
Native of Utah and a proud Latter Day Saint.
I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, I was brought up by creative and inventive parents who always found ways to stimulate the growing minds of me and my brothers. I've been camping since I was a new born (seriously), I attended normal public schools where I wasn't the top of my class but passed fair enough.
When I turned eight years old my brother Mike gave me a book "how to draw cartoons" for my birthday and that was when I upgraded from stick figures. (I'll admit I use them on a regular basis still) I never actually had original characters. My entire life the main character of all my comics was me until the first movie of "Pirates of the Caribbean" came out. That was when I officially became a fan of something....that was like...eight or ninth grade. But as I obsessed over the witty character Jack Sparrow and the insanely awesome sound track, my style that had looked like a combination of "The Simpsons" and "Invader Zim" began to take on a more anatomically correct appearance, so in short my art style became Pirates. (I didn't know who Zim was until late high school-Yay for G.I.R.)
In the eight grade I sat frozen in my seat as I watched the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, it was after that day I began the intensive study of political cartoons. My history teacher gave us extra credit for bringing in clipped cartoons and so I was exposed the the hilarious and powerful messages that came with editorial cartoons. Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune became my main study as I learned how to deliver a complex issue humorously in a single image. Then in the ninth grade I was able to submit some of my own....*coff-horrible!* humble cartoons but little did I know it was literally the beginning of my professional path. Two years in high school was spent drawing 'two man comics' with my best buds forever YoyoBionicle, Wakerra, and others. Then came my senior year. I had nearly failed journalism because the article writing style eluded me horribly but I was literally drafted by Ms. Squires because of my hard learned ability to draw editorial cartoons.
I spent most of my senior year sleeping on the couch in the newspaper room. I would wake up, draw a cartoon, then go back to sleep. It was awesome! 8D
That was where I won first in the State High School Editorial Cartoon category. It was a cartoon depicting the hot issue of the Terry Shivo controversy, it asked the question: "Right to Live or Right to Die?"
Then after high school nothing happened, I got the most miserable full time job on the planet and developed severe depression and anxiety. Then Wakerra e-mails me and was like, "Hey! Come join me on"
Being the cautious and suspicious person that I am I joined with much reservation but once I got a taste of having an audience.....well, the rest is history....or in my gallery. Either way.

From that point I spent 5 years working on my Associate of Applied Science in Illustration, and now I've graduated with my Bachelors of Visual Art. Someday I hope to make movies.


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How did you make those books?! :O
Swashbookler Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Spent years learning. I have tutorials although page two of the standard one is out of date:…
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Thanks for the fave! :D
Swashbookler Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student General Artist
you're welcome.
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don't forget to read the credits below Orion Nebula
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